Timothy Ministry

Homeschool Ministry with Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

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What you need to know

For homeschool students to experience enrichment classes focused on developing young servants.

  1. Enrichment classes available for grades K-8.
  2. Kindergarten classes available for children who are five years old.
  3. Grades 1-8 may choose up to four consecutive classes to attend.
  4. Classes available in two sessions during the school year, Fall and Spring.
  5. Classes meet Mondays, 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
  6. Students must wear a Timothy Ministry t-shirt and name tag (both included in the registration fee).

Homeschool Support Group

Resourcing and Encouraging Parents in Homeschool Education

Membership Requirements
  • Meet with Director, Gisel Smith (first time members only).
  • Pay yearly fee online. Registration opens mid-summer.
  • Actively participate in our Facebook group.
  • Volunteer once a year in a field trip, event or field day.
    • Parents: Volunteer at least one shift at the book sale.
    • Students (13+): Volunteer at field day with game set up.
Beta Club

Members have the option to join Beta Club with an additional registration fee. Beta Club is an accredited community service program for middle school and high school students.


  • Parent: paid member of JF Homeschool Support Group.
  • Students: good academic standing; attend 50% of events.
  • Elementary Beta 4th-5th; Junior Beta 6th-8th; Senior Beta 9th-12th.
  • One certificate per level; one pin and one certificate per age group. High schoolers get one pin and one certificate for all four years.


  • $25 each new student.
  • $25 for returning students moving up an age category.
  • $10 for returning students in same age category.
  • Money handles incidental fees and charges like cards for soldiers, and pays for party supplies. Extra money rolls into the following year and may be used at the next induction ceremony.
Book Sale

For over 10 years, our used curriculum sale has helped the community buy and sell materials in great condition at great prices. Sale is open to community, not just homeschool families. All are welcome to shop or volunteer. (Volunteers eligible to shop at pre-sale.) Learn more.


Included with Membership
USA Geography Fair, Worldwide Geography Fair, Kids Christmas Party, Moms’ Catered Christmas Brunch, Valentine’s Day Party, Field Day, and End-of-the-Year Party

Additional Cost
Farm Day, Moms' Retreat, Monthly Park Days, Camping Trip, and Science Fair.


"I’ve been part of the homeschool support group since 2016, and I am thankful for such a supportive and encouraging group. I love the events we have for families “outside the classroom,” and events celebrating kids’ achievements. One of my favorites is the end-of-year celebration where children receive certificates for completing the school year and take a picture in a cap and gown. The wealth of knowledge and support from the members is invaluable, and it is a relief to know we can ask questions and receive advice from others who are like-minded. Not only do we support each other in educational endeavors, but also in life. The members of the group prayed for my husband who is facing illness, and offered support in tangible ways. The book sale is also one of my favorite events for both volunteering and shopping. The sale is my first stop in searching for curriculum. I cannot imagine trying to homeschool without our group, and I encourage others to be part of it too." —Joy Long

"I joined the homeschool group around 2002 when I had a preschooler. I was investigating homeschooling, and what I found was an encouraging group of women who showed me how to get started and helped me find my way. Our meetings involved sitting in a huge circle sharing things like what others learned about homeschooling, favorite literature curriculum, etc. There was a different topic each week. I took a huge notebook full of notes. Many of these women became my lifelong friends. I go to the beach every year with five women I met from this group, and now we are all getting close to the empty nester stage! These women were role models to me and helped me see that I could do it. This all took place before Classical Conversations and King’s Academy started. Now there are so many options, and I love how our group helps others connect with people doing all kinds of homeschooling methods. I truly treasure and value the years I have spent with the group. Thank you for letting me be part of it." —Michelle Newbold



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