Residency Program

Connecting & Equipping Future Disciple Makers

What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men and women, who will be able to teach others also.” - 2 Timothy 2:2

Residency Goals


Connect with leaders who want to help you grow in your gifts and leadership


Be equipped to lead, teach, and grow with real ministry experience


Learn to multiply as a disciple maker and as a spiritual leader


Establish a lifelong mindset for growth and discipleship


What does residency at JF look like?

  • 12-month residency in a ministry staff position with weekly development sessions
  • Mentored in your personal spiritual growth and leadership development
  • Gaining real experience at a large growing church in the Greater Atlanta area
  • Residency opportunities in disciple making, missions, worship, media, sports, and communications
  • Earn seminary hours at the same time

Application Process

  1. Contact us here expressing an interest in applying or learning more. Our residency team will send you and application and answer any questions that you may have.
  2. Submit an application by April 2023.
  3. Complete survey tools sent by Residency team after reviewing your application by April 2023.
  4. Interview with the director in April/May 2023.
  5. Interview with our Residency panel in May/June 2023.
  6. Receive official acceptance into program and begin the placement process in June 2023.
  7. Meet the team at one day event this summer (July 2023).
  8. Orientation and residency begins in August 2023.


What does a typical week look like in residency?

Residents will work within a specific ministry 29 hours a week and be mentored in their specific role. The residency group will also meet monthly with a pair of mentors who will lead group discussions on specific topics in spiritual growth and leadership. Each resident will have reading and writing assignments to help them prepare for these monthly meetings. Resident will be lead weekly in disciple making groups and asked to take on leadership in these groups as the year progresses. There will be additional opportunities to grow in teaching, evangelism, and disciple making throughout the year. The residency will conclude with a retreat that launches you to your next step with a personal development plan, seminary hours (if applicable), and encouragement in the right next step for you in ministry or missions.

Who would be considered an ideal resident for the Johnson Ferry Residency Program?

The ideal candidates are men and women who have a calling to ministry or the mission field. This program could be a great bridge between your undergraduate degree and if you want to begin seminary. Some residents have worked remotely on their seminary while completing the program. We have partnerships with some seminaries to provide additional credit hours for your time in the residency as well. Even if you are unsure about your calling to ministry, we would love to meet with you to discuss as well. Let us know that you are interested, and we can help you process your next steps.

How many resident openings are there?

For our 2023 cohort starting in late August, there will be 5-7 residency openings.

Is there tuition or intern pay?

As a part of our mission, we want to equip disciples to make disciples. There is no tuition associated with the Johnson Ferry Residency Program. There will be a stipend given to all resident ministers per month to help with living expenses. We will also actively help to find free or low cost housing as well, if needed.

Contact Us

Send us an email expressing interest in applying or learning more. Our Residency team will send you an application and answer any questions you have.

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